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“ Working with Christine to Get My Book Done was one of the BEST decisions I ever made.”


“Before I worked with Christine Kloser, I considered writing a book, but felt overwhelmed by the process and fearful of really putting my voice out in the world. Christine's program helped me not only get my book published in less that ten months, but it also empowered me to step up in a big way in my business.

Working with Christine Kloser catapulted my career and reputation to the next level. In the two short years since my book was published, my annual income has gone from $92,000.00 to $420,000.00, my email list has increased from 1200 to 7000 names, and I am now respected as the leader in my industry.

Christine's work has allowed me to make an impact on people around the globe, but best of all it's completely transformed who I see myself to be in the world.”

Dallas Travers
Career Coach for Actors

Author, The Tao of Show Business



“ Having my book in print has made a big difference in my life!!"


 “I never could have imagined how having my book in print could make such a big difference in my life, but using Christine’s Get Your Book Done® program was the catalyst to completing The 78 Biggest Mistakes New Managers Make
It was through Christine's guidance, insight into publishing, and honesty that allowed me to finish the book that (before her program) had taken years… with no end in sight… to even get off the ground.  Now that I’m published, the exposure is great, but the added income is what truly has made the difference.”

Marjorie Treu
CEO, Team Fusion
Author, The 78n Biggest Mistakes new Managers Make



"Christine’s program helped my publishing dreams come true… and made it EASY!”


“Deciding to do Christine’s Get Your Book Done® program was one of the best investments I’ve ever made.  In the 60 days after completing my book, I got three new long-term clients who will generate in excess of $100,000 in revenues!  Plus, I’ve leveraged my position as a published author to become a highly sought after media expert who has been featured on CNBC, CBS, Oprah and Friends, CNN, ABC, Time, Business Week, New York Times and many more.  Not too shabby for a first time author!  Christine’s program helped my dreams come true… and made it EASY!”

Bill Losey, CFP®
America’s Retirement Strategist®
Author, Retire in a Weekend



"Christine’s Get Your Book Done® program was the answer to my prayers to help me finally write my book.”


“I have to admit when Christine said her Get Your Book Done® program was like ‘paint-by-numbers’ for your book, I didn’t believe it.  I wanted to write a book for years, and never made any progress; I was beginning to doubt I can EVER write my book.  Now, I thank God for bringing Christine into my life and making the steps for getting my book done simple and easy to follow.  I still pinch myself that my book is published… not to mention the impact it’s having on readers, and the difference it’s made in myself and my business!!  Christine’s Get Your Book Done® program was the answer to my prayers to help me finally get MY book done.  Thank you, Christine!”

Doris Muna
Author, The Triangle of Health